Miscellaneous Sessions Online Lecture Tuesday 11th August 2020

Miscellaneous Sessions Online Lecture Tuesday 11th August 2020

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New for 2020 we present the Miscellaneous Sessions online lecture experience - a regular series of exciting lectures delivered by Phill Smith, mentalist and magic designer and creator. The Miscellaneous Session is a full online lecture delivered via an online video conferencing platform, shot on multiple HD cameras to allow for an engaging interactive experience.

Covering a range of mind-reading and mentalism tricks and approaches, the Miscellaneous Session will give you the tools to perform exciting engaging mentalism both in person and online across video conferencing. All the content covered in the Session is doable, practical real world material that is easy to learn and fun to perform.

The format of the lecture allows YOU to participate and interact and there is lots of opportunity for questions and detailed explanation to make sure that you get as much as possible from the Session. To ensure the maximum quality of engagement we are limiting every Session to just 30 people.

This Session is to be delivered on Tuesday 11th August 2020 at 7.30PM (UK time). Full details of how to log in to the session will be sent to your email after ordering.



This is a repeat of the first session - although the content will update over time, the actual session itself will cover the same material as the first.


Reviews of Phill's previous lectures:

Phill Smith is someone who I will always learn something from and this academy hasn't disappointed so far. His mentalism is simple, direct and gives you so much scope for the presentation.

Simon Cafferty


Wow Wow Wow! As always these courses are fantastic! This is worth the money if only for Phill's brilliant peek method and amazing book test!! Top marks.

Anthony Wighton


Man I wish I had this info well before now... true BRILLIANCE from Phill Smith - one of modern days best creators and performers. If you want to learn some AWESOME 'organic' (and yes some so simple you feel guilty) mentalist routines.. this IS for you!

Mark Call


Phill has this incredible way of mixing effects that are amazing but also very easy to perform. Everything can be performed without the need for fancy props and is very natural mentalism, something i feel gets overlooked a little to much

Thomas Bennett


Phill's methods are simple yet extremely deceptive, which allows you to focus entirely on presentation. His teaching is very clear and his thinking is brilliant. Perfect for that "organic" propless and natural feel.

Russell Allen


Excellent course. Phill gives really clear explanations of the concepts and also good insights on real life performance tips

Tony Jenkins


Phill is a clear and concise teacher. Some very nice peeks and the thoughts behind them makes it all seem so natural.

Steve Smith


Phill is a master of organic, clean and killer mentalism. His thinking is ingenious and his methods simple allowing great routines and brilliant reactions. Phill's teaching is a clear as his designs and I'm going to be watching this academy over and over to get everything I can from Phill's mind.

Thom Chesser


I love the idea of organic mentalism - really simple ideas that just work without any real expensive props. Phill's peek is the real Biz - really good, really simple and really fooling. A great course for anyone wanting to get into or progress in mentalism and Phill is a great creator and teacher.

Brian Stewart


I have a strong interest in Mentalism and must say that Phill’s presentations and tuition is brilliant in that he very clearly explains this method and thinking behind each part in a way that makes complete sense.

Alexander Ross


What a great course and what a great guy. Phill is charming, comfortable and understatedly devious...love it!

Richard Groom


Phill Smith is a fantastic thinker, creator and lecturer. The lecture is full of tips and thoughts as well as tricks that are organic, that can be performed with minimal props and that always hit. Phill is as ever entertaining and informative and it is a great lecture. A highly recommended viewing.

Joel Clyne


What an amazing course in mentalism this has been so far! Phill is an incredible teacher!

Ravi Madan


I have many of Phill's products so attending was a no-brainer for me. His thinking is head and shoulders above many mentalists in the world today Having a background in design you can always be sure of a unique and quality product as can be seen with items like The DMC Elite Marked Deck and the recently released Resurrection Deck a collaboration between Phill and Peter Turner.

Top effect for me on night one was Interlaced Thief which is so devious I still do not understand how it works but it just does.

Dr Rob


This is one of the best mentalism courses I have experienced!
Phill is an awesome tutor, the presentation is magnificent, and there are so many great ideas crammed in here that I will have to re-watch this several times to get everything from it.
I especially like the book test and the work on the various forces, but to be honest all of it is just so good.
Thanks Phill for two very informative and entertaining evenings!

Matt Retallack


This is a fantastic course which explore a huge array of mentalism gambits that uses incredibly clever methods in a very minimal way. Phills teaching style in incredibly funny and engaging - highly recommended!

Jamie Daws


Phill's lecture was practical and inspiring. I very much appreciated the emphasis he placed on the structural principles of his tricks as well as the elegant and subtle layers of deception that allow him to turn little tricks into powerful moments of mentalism. His Quinta force was work the price of this lecture alone.

Brett O’brien


Alot of useful material and ideas, his Quinta force is very good and I'll definitely use it in the future!



Phill is a really good mentalist, some ideas are so clever and his lecture can help you to build your own effects (if you are a good listener). 

I really liked "The Biz". I love this simple principle that can be reworked in other ideas. And the book test too is a subtle method I loved. 

Good Lecture! Thank you Phill!

David Ziegland


I've been a keen reader of Smith's for years so it's great to see some of this material being performed by the man himself. 

The show pretty much builds up to Quinta, which is an incredibly fair-seeming force; one of those things you feel should have been around since the dawn of magic, but hasn't! 

I'm a big fan of fake deck memorization effects, and Phill's work on this is wonderful in its simplicity. 

I'm also always on the look out for utility - anything I can truly strip down, rebuild and turn into my own. Just as Quinta allows this, so does The Biz - one of the nicest business card peeks I've seen, and unusually free of fuss. 

This lecture also covers one of the most logically presented book tests out there. 

On top of it all you have Phill's philosophy, or phillosophy, if you will - that methods are really just hooks on which we hang presentations that ought to be fun, interesting and reflect who we are as performers.



This is the sort of material (and indeed some of the exact material) that I make my living with. I had bought Phill's books a few years ago and was excited to see this lecture. It did not disappoint. This is littered with amazing hints, tips, and the real building blocks of an awesome act. And obviously Quinta is TOPS. Highly recommended.


Phill Smith's creativity has always fascinated me. His Mythology trio of books is brilliant, both for the methods included and the insights behind them. They're also great for those looking for an 'origin story' of why they have the powers they demonstrate. 

To see Smith perform and discuss his work was incredibly useful as you get to see how things in the books look in motion. For instance, watching him perform The Biz made it immediately click - I had initially passed over it in the reading. 

Mike Kay


Superlative Material-innovative & clever Routines-consummate Artist!Remember kid's there is no such thing as boring mentalism only boring prefomers ! what I like about the material is its simplicity clarity with impact this is a presentation for the seasoned or mature student . humility sincerity & intellect qualities traits of a great artist as Mr Smith ! Get every thing Sir Smith has on the market this guy knows his stuff !



I read the reviews and it's all about Quinta. I agree, it's so fair nobody would think it's a force. It's great. But What everybody underestimates here is the Finger Prediction. This piece alone is gold. Never fails to amaze. After this they just LISTEN. Well done Phill, and thank you.