DMC ELITES Pro Gaffs + Passport
DMC ELITES Pro Gaffs + Passport
DMC ELITES Pro Gaffs + Passport

DMC ELITES Pro Gaffs + Passport

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NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE: The incredible new gaffed deck, designed to unlock the incredible potential of the DMC ELITES marked deck to perform thousands of classic effects requiring gaffed cards. A professional collection of commonly used gaffs and new original cards, the Pro Gaffs v1 deck is the workers dream, designed and developed in collaboration with top-tier card workers worldwide to create the ultimate deck of gaffs, with unique innovations designed to make your magic stronger, easier, and more powerful.

Included in the deck is:

  • 3 x Green double backer
  • 3 x Green / Rouge double backer
  • 4 x Blank face
  • 2 x Blank back
  • 4 x King/Ace double faces
  • 4 x Mixed double faces
  • 2 sets of MacDonalds Aces cards
  • 2 full sets of misindexed Face cards
  • 8 x AC/QH wild card / Stand Up Monte cards
  • Coin Monte card set (3 cards)
  • Escapist card set (3 cards)

After 3 years of heavy development, prototypes, conversations with ELITES users and constant design revisions, finally the incredible Pro Gaffs v1 deck is available, shipping worldwide. Also available is the new Passport to Pro Gaffs, a new collection of hard hitting effects from the mind of ELITES designer Phill Smith including performance pieces from DMC himself.

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