Nomen Dolum



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Nomen Dolum is a powerful name divination - a self-working piece of close-up mentalism that uses a fun personality test to learn a thought of name. The name is never spoken, or written down, but using a classic method (similar to Stegosaurus) you are able to easily know exactly what they are thinking, and reveal any way you choose. I love the method, used for all kinds of purposes in magic, even down to the age cards in your Christmas Cracker, but I always felt it could be used more creatively: Nomen Dolum uses the exact same methodology but builds an interesting, engaging presentation that logically justifies the minimal procedure, gives you a great framework for fun interaction with the audience, and finishes with a nearly foolproof hit. There's nothing to memorise, no complex method, zero sleight of hand and the routine looks EXACTLY the same as it would if it were real.


Nomen Dolum is simple, clean, logical and impossible. Audiences are fascinated by the personality test aspect, and the revelation is huge and powerful. The seven tarot sized cards fit easily in your jacket pocket, have an attractive and realistic design, and are all you need to create a powerful moment of incredible mind-reading.