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A unique close-up mentalism piece combining a smart, fun, self-working method with long-lasting well designed props

You show a stack of cards each of which has a picture on it, and on the reverse a grid of seemingly random letters. You explain that hidden within the letters is a message to the participant, written in such a way that their conscious mind can't process it, and you have them handle the cards and freely choose four that they think 'might be the one' (although they have no idea what that means). They then select just one card from this four, the bat for example, and you produce an aluminium decoder card from your wallet that covers the letters and reveals only the ones that spell "YOU WILL PICK ME"

Conceding to their cynicism you use the decoder on the other unchosen cards and they each say "YOU WILL PICK BAT"

Crypto works every time, always the exact routine described, with a fascinating self-working method that you will enjoy performing every time, and which spectator's find intriguing. The cards are plastic, and the decoder card is made of laser cut powder coated aircraft grade aluminium.

We have very limited stock and because of the way the props are manufactured it is unlikely that there will be another manufacturing run.